Connectivism - the networked student

Knowing you are one of many teachers a student like this will have in their educational career:
How connected are you? Are you a 21st Century learner, teacher or both? What role do you play in supporting the 21st Century student?

What an interesting video clip.  As I viewed it, I reflected on how disconnected my students without access to technology (beyond the classroom) must feel.  As much as I try to be a 21st Century teacher (granted, I'm still defining what that means), I feel very limited by the resources available to the kids I teach.  In the classroom our technology has been very unreliable and outside of the classroom a majority of my students do not have access to computers or expensive electronic gadgets; even getting transportation to the library to use a public computer is an issue.  

When trying to figure out how best to support my students' learning, I ask myself (and the learner):  
What is my students' background skill level? 
If this student does not have access to technology, what, realistically, can I expect him/her to be able to utilize in the class time provided? 
Can this student discern between reliable and unreliable information, recognize bias, and clearly identify the true source of their information?
Once I have a baseline, it is much easier to determine how I can support the learner. Honestly, in my class right now I  am still focusing on where do you get your information and how do you know if it can be trusted. This is a skill that is transferable to all media regardles of your socioeconomic status. 

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